Zen on Tech - insights on technology and geopolitics.

Our focus spans a wide spectrum — from silicon chips and telecommunications to quantum computing and quantum communications. We offer unique perspectives on how these cutting-edge technologies intersect with geopolitics, history, and financial markets.

Operating out of the South Pacific we bring a uniquely ANZAC perspective to global technology and geopolitical issues.

"Zen on Tech newsletter shaped my thinking about the geopolitics of semiconductors"

Acknowledged in Chris Millers Chip War - a NY times bestseller and Financial Times business book of the year 2022.

Chip War: The Fight for the World's Most Critical Technology : Miller,  Chris: Amazon.com.au: Books

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Researched and written by Nick, a Kiwi-Greek engineer, based in Sydney, with a trained eye on technological nuances. And Old Man Murray, an influential economist who lends his wisdom and insights. Together, they work to distill complex tech developments into understandable and engaging analysis. Welcome aboard!

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