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Deep Dive V1: Quantum computing algorithms and applications

This is the first volume in a new format, Zen on Tech Deep Dive for the pro interested in an analysis on a specific topic. In this volume, we focus on quantum computing algorithms and applications.

The principles of quantum mechanics theoretically enable quantum computers to deploy more efficient algorithms at a larger scale than existing technology. Quantum computers expand the type of problems that can be solved efficiently and could revolutionise computing for optimisation, simulation, machine learning and cryptography problems.

Full-scale devices that can implement algorithms with provable quantum speedup are estimated to arrive in the 2030s. Until then, practitioners will have a range of heuristic algorithms available with each step change in quantum hardware.

World leaders are recognising the importance of acting now because, in the not too distant future, quantum computers could disrupt the integrity of historical data, processes and systems.

Download the full article below.

Zen on Tech Deep Dive V1 - January 2021
Download • 2.99MB

Credit: Google AI Quantum

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